Atlas supports business information powerhouse in move to hybrid cloud
Achieves 78% optimization through automation

A leader in insights for global business needed to re-architected and re-design its existing cloud architecture to support hybrid-cloud implementation. The in-house team also had to reconcile a platform made up of multiple products gathered through acquisitions – each product with its own architecture and technology.

Atlas drew on its expertise in advanced systems to offer:

  • a secured, industry-compliant test lab build out and mimic production environment
  • a data-generation tool to create email, social media, voice and trade data for functional and volume testing
  • automation to monitor the test environment and test bed creation
  • test automation for smoke and functionality testing
  • a framework extended to cover cross-browser testing

In the end, Atlas was able to deliver:

  • a test lab leveraging Atlas infrastructure
  • “zero” defect delivery
  • ~ 90% test coverage
  • ~ 78% optimization through automation

How can Atlas help you leverage advanced technology to stay ahead of your competition and the market?