Meet our Experts

Unmatched expertise and a collaborative spirit are central elements of Atlas’s rich engagements with clients across industries and specialties. We bring strategic vision, as well as a hands-on approach to problem solving, to every relationship.

 Venu Chalamala, Founder & CEO

Venu Chalamala

Founder & CEO

Animesh Mozumdar, Chief Business Officer

Animesh Mozumdar

Chief Business Officer

 Kaarthick Subramanian, Chief Customer Experience Officer

Kaarthick Subramanian

Chief Customer Experience Officer

 Sundaram Natarajan, Chief Product Officer

Sundaram Natarajan

Chief Product Officer

Manoj Duse, Head of AI Practice

Manoj Duse

Head of AI Practice

David Stanton, Chief Marketing Officer

David Stanton

Chief Marketing Officer

Harish Ramakrishnan, Head of India Operations

Harish Ramakrishnan

Head of India Operations

 Howard Mimnaugh, CFO

Sam Murali

Chief Partnership Officer

Joseph Pulikottil, Vice President – Infrastructure Services

Joseph Pulikottil

Vice President – Infrastructure Services

 Justin Kent, Vice President - Engineering

Justin Kent

Vice President – Engineering

John Lamb, VP – PRIME Provider Operations

John Lamb

VP – PRIME Provider Operations

Harish Rahman, Sr. Director – Engineering | Bangalore Center Head

Harish Rahman

Sr. Director – Engineering | Bangalore Center Head

 Joseph Tauriello, General Counsel

Joseph Tauriello

General Counsel

 Howard Mimnaugh, CFO

Howard Mimnaugh