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In today’s always-on world, companies increasingly turn to external vendors and partners to stay competitive.

But this growing interdependence comes with unique risks that – if not managed wisely – can set back business growth by months, if not years.

For enterprises of all kinds, partnering with third-party entities can introduce:

  • Data management hurdles

  • Intellectual property challenges

  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities

  • Regulatory compliance headaches

Each of these hazards carries potentially severe implications for businesses – making a comprehensive approach to third-party risk management essential.

With new risk points emerging all the time, in-house teams may be sorely challenged to keep track of today’s rapidly evolving third-party threats. This can be compared to a leaky ship, where fixing one hole often reveals another. Some teams may choose simply to look the other way and hope for the best.

ComplyScore — a service of Atlas Systems, is designed to offer a comprehensive and custom-fit solution for third-party risk management (TPRM). Our objective is not just to minimize potential threats, but also to enhance the value derived from your third-party relationships.

Our team of seasoned experts diligently scrutinizes your third-party vendors through an exhaustive due diligence process, resulting in a meticulous risk profile of each vendor. We also leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify vulnerabilities and potential risk areas, ensuring that your business remains robust and secure.

Atlas’s third-party risk assessment solution automates risk identification, tracking, and mitigating recommendations, for an improved risk posture that is less complex and costly.

Atlas’s tailored services cover:

Onsite Audits

Comprehensive data tools and robust reporting simplify the auditing process. Gather data, sort, share, and much more.


Sustainability Assessment solutions from Atlas provide your organization with insights, continuous monitoring, and remediation recommendations for third-party risks relating to sustainability. We review and rank vendors for potential risks pertaining to environmental responsibility, human resources and safety, community engagement, social issues, and more.

Legal risk

Understand potential vendor-sourced legal risk, alongside insights to make better risk decisions — simplifying the evaluation process and making your TPRM program more agile and capable.

Financial risk

Recognize & respond to financially distressed vendors — automated applications evaluate operational, financial, and qualitative metrics at the vendor level, using a deeply intelligent and comprehensive approach.

Information security

Gain an understanding of your third-party cybersecurity risks – extending visibility into the critical vendor level, to better protect you and your customers from information security threats. Review and rank vendors according to an intelligent, deeply relevant scoring system that empowers optimal decision-making.


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In 2024, vendor cybersecurity is just one enterprise risk source that TPRM pros need to assess and manage.


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