Provider Networks Under Pressure: Transformative Trends to 
Watch in 2024 & Beyond

In 2023, the challenges faced by payors, providers, and consumers all seemed to reach a new level of urgency. Issues of talent, resources, and training – on both the provider and payor sides – all seemed to be coming to a head. And the results are obvious to plan members – a recent Atlas Systems study showed that over 40% of people who use provider directories had found at least one error in them.

In 2024, how can plans and providers cope with the growing demands and expectations – delivering great experiences and regulatory compliance?

A new Atlas PRIME® eBook will explore 5 key developments we are likely to see in 2024 – and what they may tell us about the future of provider data and networks. From AI to interoperability to payor/provider alliances – which forces are set to transform the provider network ecosystem?

This invaluable new resource delivers insights into these trends, offering a roadmap for success in the ever-evolving provider data accuracy landscape.